Die Casting:

There are many die casting companies in the world, but Jiye's combined 18 years of die casting experience ensures that the quality and service you receive will match the highest American standards. Jiye has been investing in top of the line equipment to produce the highest caliber products in high and low volumes. Our die cast plant encompasses state of the art technology, including automated die casting machines from 280 to 2500 tons. We can provide you with everything from the simplest basic casting to the most intricate, pressure-tight precision parts.
We have brought in Wanda Technology. CAST vac solved the blocking and air holes during the process of die casting production. This new technology helps us to lower the vacuum valve cost, improve the production efficience and guarantee the good quality.

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Toshiba Die-casting Machine Automatic Production Lines
Toshiba Die-casting Machine Automatic Production Lines
Hot Die-castiong Machine Working Site
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